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Copyright Policy for Presenters

General Materials

Title Author(s) Year of Publication Document
Aligning language education with the CEFR
The Handbook is published jointly by ALTE, EALTA, UKALTA and the British Council.
Aligning language education with the CEFR: Handbook (PDF)

Aligning language education with the CEFR: Editable forms (MSWord)
Developments in Language Education A Memorial Volume in Honour of Sauli Takala Ari Huhta, Gudrun Erickson, Neus Figueras
Developments in Language Education (PDF 4.17KB)
Presentation of EALTA (2017)   2017 Presentation of EALTA PDF 225 KB
J.B. Carroll (1954); Notes on the Measurement of Achievement in Foreign Languages. J.B. Carroll 2015 J.B. Carroll Notes

A computer program (DOS-application) for Profile Analysis. The included manual gives a theoretical introduction and instructions to use the program.
Norman Verhelst 2018 Profile-G
(Zip-file, 675 KB, contains an exe-file for pc and documentation)
Putting the CEFR to Good Use.

Selected articles by the presenters of the IATEFL TEA SIG and EALTA Conference; Barcelona, Spain,
October, 2010
Judith Mader & Zeynep Urkun (eds.)
Barcelona Conference Report


CoE materials (By special permission of the Council of Europe; Copyright CoE)

Title Author(s) Year of Publication Document
Breakthrough Specification (unpublished) John Trim 2009 CoE Breakthrough
Waystage 1990 (CUP) J.A. van Ek & John Trim 1991/1998 CoE Waystage
Threshold 1990 (CUP) J.A. van Ek & John Trim 1991/1998 CoE Threshold
Vantage (CUP) J.A. van Ek & John Trim 2001 CoE Vantage
The MPI program

A DOS-application that computes the misplacement index as described in Kaftandjieva (2010) (below)
Norman Verhelst 2010 The MPI-package
(Zip-file, 181 KB, contains an exe-file for pc and documentation)
Methods for Setting Cut Scores in Criterion-referenced Achievement Tests

A comparative analysis of six recent methods with an application to tests of reading in EFL
Felianka Kaftandjieva

Sauli Takala
Norman Verhelst (eds.)
2010 Felianka Kaftandjieva's second doctorate
(PDF 4 MB)
Linking to the CEFR levels: Research perspectives Neus Figueras & José Noijons (eds.) 2009 Research Colloquium report
(PDF 1.1 MB)
Compilation of descriptors at levels C1-C2

PowerPoint presentation
Dr. Brian North 2007 C2 _C1 descriptors
(PDF 805 kb)

B North Presentation Sèvres 2007
(PDF 324 kb)
European Survey of Language Testing and Assessment Needs.
Report: part two - regional findings
Ari Huhta, Tuija Hirvelä (Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Jyväskylä) & Jayanti Banerjee (Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University) 2005 Report (external link)
European Survey of Language Testing and Assessment Needs.
Report: part one – general findings
Angela Hasselgreen, Cecilie Carlsen & Hildegunn Helness, University of Bergen 2004 survey-report-pt1
(PDF 88 KB)
Some European Students' and Teachers' Views on Language Testing and Assessment (ENLTA policy and practice survey report) Gudrun Erickson and Jan-Eric Gustafsson, Göteborg University, Sweden 2005 ENLTA Activity 4 Report
(PDF 123 kb)
Readings on test-takers’ views of assessment Compiled by Sauli Takala and Anja Agander 2005 LitSch-TakersView
(PDF 125 kb)
General bibliography on language testing and assessment Compiled by ENLTA project members 2005 ENLTA-bibliography
(PDF 177 kb)
Annotated bibliography on alternative assessment Constance Tsagari 2004 AnnoBib-Altern (PDF 59 kb)



Title Author(s) Date Video
SIG for SIGN webinar Developing rating scales for sign language assessments
Presentation 1: Approaches for developing rating scales
Presentation 2 Development of rating scales for a Sentence Repetition Test for Swedish Sign Language
Presentation 3: Development of a fluency rating scale for Swiss German Sign Language
(1) Ute Knoch, Melbourne University
(2) Krister Schönström, Stockholm University
(3) Katja Tissi, Franz Holzknecht, & Tobias Haug, University of Teacher Education in Special Needs (HfH), Zurich;
Alessia Battisti, University of Zurich;
Nivja de Jong, Leiden University
22nd November 2023 Interpreters´ view:
Slides view:
Using AI for test item development: opportunities and challenges Olena Rossi 23 May 2023
Standards and the native speaker: Sociolinguistics and assessment interfaces, moral prescriptivism, and the role of professional associations Talia Isaacs 22 Nov 2022
SIG for SIGN webinar
Presentation 1: Assessing Sign Language by Means of an Interview: Experiences from Assessors of Sign Language of the Netherlands
Presentation 2: Assessing Interaction Competency in German Sign Language: Implementation in BA Deaf Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
(1) SaÏd Jamal Alyass and Eveline Boers
(2) Christian Rathmann and Thomas Geißler
21st November 2022 Interpreters´ view
Slides view
Virtual standard setting: the benefits, the challenges, and the way forward Charalambos Kollias: 18 May 2022
New techniques to measure fluency in speech automatically
Nivja de Jong 16 July 2020
Test Preparation and the Role of Language Assessment Knowledge in a Globally Mobile Era
Tony Clark 21 May 2020
Methodological challenges developing tests of sign language proficiency
Tobias Haug 8 May 2019 With ppt: Signed:
Language Assessment Literacy: What, Why, and How?
Dina Tsagari 12 December 2019
Revisiting the CEFR Manual for Relating Exams with the CEFR Companion Volume
Neus Figueras Casanovas 8 November 2018
Setting standards: the role of assessment in implementing the CEFR in education reform
Jamie Dunlea 9 May 2018
Developing Rating Scales for Integrated Assessment Tasks
Sathena Chan 17 November 2017
Item Response Theory: Basic Notions

Norman Verhelst 13 January 2017
Test Theory: Basic Notions
Norman Verhelst 2016



SIG meetings

Title Author(s)/Event Date Video

EALTA Migration SIG and ALTE LAMI group joint event: Language Policy Index for Migrants (LAPIM) by Cecilie Hamnes Carsen and Lorenzo Rocca

LAPIM measures the linguistic requirements in integration and citizenship policy as well as learning opportunities for migrants across Europe. It is the first index of its kind to be designed specifically for this purpose. It was designed within the IMPECT research project anchored at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences with the purpose of ranking countries according to their relative strictness in language policy. The index describes both explicit language requirements for migrants (such as language tests) as well as implicit language requirements (e.g., knowledge of society tests) and existing language learning opportunities in each country.
EALTA Migration SIG 18 October 2023 Video

Key considerations in investigating accessibility and adjustments for test-takers with specific learning difficulties by Professor Judit Kormos, Lancaster University 00:06:25

Visually impaired learners and high-stakes testing accommodations: navigating and redressing power asymmetry By Dr. Tony Clark, Cambridge University Press and Assessment 00:37:00

Operationalising inclusion and accessibility in language education: universal design and accommodations. By Professor Joanna Nijakowska, University of Warsaw and Professor Dina Tsagari, Oslo Metropolitan University 01:15:00

EDI SIG Wednesday 18th January, 14.00 CET EDI SIG Video
0. Intro by Jay Banerjee SIG for speaking – online event 29 Nov 2022

Assessing sign language by means of an interview by Saďd Jamal Al & Eveline Boers 00:03:05

Assessing Interaction in Sign Languages: First Insights by Thomas Geißler & Christian Rathmann 00:36:50

SIG for SIGN – online event Topic: Assessing Interaction in Sign Languages 21 Nov 2022 Link to video
Link to slides (in video)



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