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EALTA has several active Special Interest Groups for members, the currently active SIGs are listed below with the relevant contact person within brackets.

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SIG SIG Details Convenor(s)
Common European Framework of Reference This EALTA SIG should be able to act as a catalyst that draws on and takes advantage of the many projects connected to the CEFR within the field of assessment and testing Full details Neus Figueras, University of Barcelona (nfiguera@xtec.cat)
Classroom-based Language Assessment This Special Interest Group will address issues to promote the notion of CBLA for the wide EALTA community and beyond, covering a range of topics that consider realities and prospects in the assessment world Full details Dina Tsagari, OsloMet University, Norway (dina.tsagari@oslomet.no)
Assessing Writing This group addresses teachers, academic researchers and practitioners who are involved or interested in teaching or assessing writing across different learner groups, assessment contexts and institutions. Full details Claudia Harsch, University of Bremen, Germany
Academic Purposes Special Interest Group for Language Testing and Assessment for Academic Purposes Full details Peter Holt, King's College, London, UK (pete.holt@kcl.ac.uk)
Assessing Speaking This SIG is multilingual as the assessment of speaking is not only limited to English as a Foreign language (EFL). Similar to the Assessing Writing SIG, this group also focuses on: rater behaviour, methods and issues of rater training and benchmarking spoken performances to guide models of rater training in various countries, contexts and institutions. Investigating approaches to linking the assessment of speaking to the CEFR are also high on the agenda. Full details Carol Spöttl, University of Innsbruck
(carol.spoettl@gmail.com or carol.spoettl@uibk.ac.at)
Signed Language Assessment Due to the (emerging) implementation of the CEFR for different signed languages, such as Irish Sign Language, German Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands, signed language assessment is becoming a very important issue within the community. Full details Tobias Haug, University of Applied Sciences for Special Needs Education Zurich, Switzerland (tobias.haug@hfh.ch)

Maria Tagarelli De Monte,
Istituto Statale Sordi Di Roma and Università Degli Studi Internazionali
Di Roma 
Migration The EALTA Special Interest Group on Migration provides a welcoming space for people with an interest in the role of language assessment in migration, integration, naturalisation and asylum policies and practices. Full details Bart Deygers, Language and Education, KU Leuven (Bart.Deygers@UGent.be)


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