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EALTA is a professional association for language testers in Europe. EALTA’s interests are independent of those of any other organization. EALTA was set up with financial support from the European Community.


Mission Statement

The purpose of EALTA is to promote the understanding of theoretical principles of language testing and assessment, and the improvement and sharing of testing and assessment practices throughout Europe.



Europe is a multilingual continent, where the diversity of languages, cultures and traditions is highly valued. Part of such diversity is diversity in education systems and assessment traditions and values. Given such diversity, the testing and assessment of language proficiency is a crucial component of language policies which aim to respect linguistic and cultural diversity, whilst seeking to ensure that the highest possible quality is guaranteed of the measurement of educational outcomes and of language learning and language proficiency in particular.

Recent developments in Europe, particularly associated with language policy in the European Union and the Council of Europe, including the dissemination of the Common European Framework and the European Language Portfolio, have highlighted the need for a European language testing association, which speaks for testers in Europe and which has no commercial affiliation or aims.

EALTA considers that the enhancement of quality in language assessment and testing is best achieved through international cooperation. EALTA believes that international co-operation can help individuals, institutions and nations learn from each other without any diminution of their cultural autonomy.

EALTA aims to represent those involved in language testing and assessment at a European level, including in the European Union and the Council of Europe.

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EALTA's fourteenth annual conference will be held in Sèvres, France from 29 May to 3 June 2017. Further information...

The 4th Meeting of the EALTA CEFR Special Interest Group will be held in London, UK on 11 February 2017. Further information...

EALTA's fourth summer school was held in Innsbruck, Austria from 18 to22 July 2016.

EALTA's thirteenth annual conference was held in València, Spain from 5 to 8 May 2016.

EALTA has been formed with financial support from the European Community

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