Expert membership

Expert Membership is free of charge, and is restricted to those who qualify as experts, and who are already Individual or Associate Members of EALTA. Applications are considered by the EALTA Membership Committee.

Qualifications include:


  • Higher degree in language testing or in a related field
  • Documented participation in test design, development and validation of significant tests or public examinations
  • Documented participation in research on some aspect of language testing and assessment
  • Consultancies to organisations, institutions or projects
  • Presentation of papers at professional conferences


  • A doctorate in language testing or in a related field
  • Teaching experience in language testing or a related field
  • Articles on language testing - published in internationally recognised journals
  • Books on language testing and assessment or a related field.

Expert Members are entitled to be listed on the EALTA website, and to all other benefits of EALTA Individual Membership.

The application form and additional information can be obtained from the Chair of the Membership Committee, Slobodanka Dimova, at

What is expected of Expert Members

Expectations vis-à-vis EALTA itself:

Willingness to contribute actively to promoting EALTA’s mission/goals, subject to there being no schedule or other difficulties, by, for example:

  • active and collegial sharing of expertise, e.g. by participating actively in email-discussion
  • writing a reference if requested by an EALTA Expert Member applicant
  • assessing conference proposals
  • proposing papers for the annual EALTA conferences
  • acting as trainer in EALTA workshops
  • providing advice for EALTA officials
  • proposing new initiatives for EALTA.

Expectations vis-à-vis the broader audience:

Willingness to provide expert advice/consultancy, subject to the terms being acceptable and that there being no schedule or other difficulties, for example:

  • to EALTA members or EALTA member institutions and EALTA officials when requested to do so
  • to examination/testing bodies, especially if they are associated with EALTA, subject to acceptable terms, time available and no conflict of interest
  • by presenting at seminars/conferences related to testing/assessment when requested by EALTA members
  • by advising European intergovernmental organisations on testing/assessment issues, if requested in the capacity of an EALTA Expert Member.

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