4th CLBA SIG Symposium, 1-2 November, Cyprus


Lecture and workshop slides

Plenary 1: Language Assessment Literacy: What are the ingredients? (Ofra Inbar‐Lourie)

Workshop 1: Setting up an LAL framework: The process (Ofra Inbar‐Lourie)

Plenary 2: Assessment Literacy for language teachers (Tony Green)

Workshop 2: Assessment literacy in practice – a sociocognitive approach to designing assessments of reading (Tony Green)

Plenary 3: Language Assessment Literacy (LAL) in the Hungarian context: what is it like and how is it developed in English teacher training? (Ildiko Csepes)

Workshop 3: Peer-assessment of oral performances for teacher training purposes (Ildiko Csepes)

Plenary 4: Learning-oriented assessment: strengthening the link between learning, teaching and assessment (Coreen Docherty)

Workshop 4: Learning-orientated assessment: a practical approach (Coreen Docherty)


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