The fourteenth Annual Conference of EALTA, Sèvres, France 29th of May - 3rd of June, 2017


Conference Programme

EALTA 2017 Conference Programme (PDF 293 KB)


Monday, 29th May – Wednesday, 31st May

Pre-Conference Workshops
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 C-test event
Integrated testing and assessment: design, development, analysis, reporting of results and relevant uses / Sathena Chan, Chihiro Inoue (584 KB) Standard Setting for Language Tests: Methods, Issues, and Hands-on Practical Experience / Steve Ferrara (486 KB)



Use and interpretation of statistical analysis procedures to improve testing and assessment / John de Jong, Ying Zheng (480 KB) EALTA Project - kick off meeting before the EALTA 2017 conference - Enabling access to education for displaced people through assessments: Developing a multilingual C-Test toolbox / Benjamin Kremmel, Claudia Harsch, Steffen Brandt
SIG Meetings, Wednesday, 31st of May


Thursday, 1st June

8.30 - 9.00 Registration
9.00 - 9.20 Opening ceremony
9.30 - 10.30 Keynote presentation: Alex Kozulin
Sociocultural theory and the assessment of immigrant and minority children and adults (718 KB)
Coffee break, posters
Plenary paper sessions on the theme
11.00 - 11.30 Language and citizenship: Passing the test? / Constant Leung, Jo Lewkowicz (932 KB)
11.30 - 12.00 Enhancing security, preventing mobility? An analysis of the UK Secure English Language Testing policy / Luke Harding, Tineke Brunfaut, Johann Unger
12.00 - 12.30 Lecturer certification in European higher education: What English to assess? / Slobodanka Dimova
Lunch break, posters
Symposium: Language testing of low-literate L2 learners - what role should it play? / Taina Tammelin-Laine, Jane Allemano, Lorenzo Rocca, Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen
14.00 - 15.30 Language testing of low - literate L2 learners - what role should it play? / Taina Tammelin-Laine (295 KB)
Testing the language and literacy ability of ESOL learners with little or no history of education / Jane Allemano (662 KB)
Language requirements and vulnerable users: the Italian context / Lorenzo Rocca (2343 KB)
Language testing with a bitter aftertaste / Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen (1198 KB)
Coffee break, posters
Parallel WIPs sessions on the theme

16.00 - 16.25 Language and academic success of “foreign” BA students at German universities / Katrin Wisniewski (665 KB) Inclusion & Accessibility in British Council Tests / Judith Fairbairn, Richard Spiby (737 KB) Utilization of the CEFR in Performing a Needs Analysis with the Purpose of Identifying Medical Student’s Writing Needs / Ebtesam Abdulhaleem (1722 KB)
16.30 - 16.55 Development of language tasks including the affective dimension in a survey questionnaire defining health professionals language competence / Denise Lussier,
Hélène Riel-Salvatore
(371 KB)
Assessing the English competence of young learners in Norwegian schools with a non-Norwegian L1 / Angela Hasselgreen, Kari Telstad Sundet (237 KB) Scenario-based tasks for large-scale assessment: development and validation / Katharina Karges, Malgorzata Barras, Peter
(464 KB)
17.00 - 17.25 Integration of migrants, from language proficiency to
knowledge of society: the Italian case
/ Sabrina Machetti, Lorenzo Rocca (292 KB)
Can a language aptitude test predict language outcomes? / Elina Stordell (449 KB) Gains at higher levels of L2 writing proficiency: linguistic complexity and argument sophistication / Aylin Ünaldi, Şebnem Yalçın (1343 KB)
17.30 - 17.55 Refugees and their language learning journeys into higher education in Germany / Claudia Harsch, Ulrike Burger, Anika Müller-Karabil (440 KB)
Student mobility, ELF, and the role of language certification / David Newbold (322 KB)
Increasing transparency and mobility: Challenges in linking speaking exams
to the CEFR / Anthony Green, Chihiro


Friday, 2nd June

Invited Symposium: A perspective on language testing/assessment in the context of migration and integration / P.Thalgott, M.Malone, E.Shohamy, O. Inbar-Lourie, M.Niznik, T.McNamara, L.Rocca, P.Lenz, C.Harsch
9.00 - 10.30 A perspective on language testing/assessment in the context of migration and integration / Claudia Harsch (327 KB)
The linguistic integration of adult migrants (LIAM): a Council of Europe programme for policy and practice / Philia Thalgott (1313 KB)
U.S. Migration and Tests of Adult Language Progress / Margaret Malone (2144 KB)
Language testing/assessment in the context of migration and integration / Ofra Inbar-Lourie, Elana Shohamy, Marina Niznik (386 KB)
It's not really about language: Language tests, citizenship and values / Tim McNamara (787 KB)
A perspective on language testing in the context of migration and integration / Lorenzo Rocca (1728 KB)
Comments and Reflections / Peter Lenz (364 KB)
Coffee break, posters

Parallel paper session on the theme / Chair: Ari Huhta Parallel paper session on the theme / Chair: Luke Harding Paraller papers session on a general strand / Chair: Sébastien Portelli
11.00 - 11.30 French certifications for migrants and nationality’s
demanders, a glance at Martinique, French West Indies
/ Patrick Riba (851 KB)
“I will bear true faith and allegiance.” - What
citizenship tests can(not) do
/ Aurelia Schwarzmann, David Hemphill (352 KB)
Assessing the pragmatic competence of ESL
learners at B2-C2 levels
/ Edit Ficzere-Willcox (850 KB)
11.35 - 12.05 English language assessment: social integration or new disintegration / Nupur Samuel (625 KB) The «Border-Work» of language testing for
/ Kamran Khan (5184 KB)
An accessible delivery mode for face-to-face speaking tests: Enhancing mobility of professionals/students / Vivien Berry, Fumiyo Nakatsuhara, Evelina Galaczi (2569 KB)
12.10 - 12.40   Chinese immigrants in the Hungarian system of
public education
/ Ildikó Lukácsi-Berkovics (256 KB)
Enhancing the Language Assessment Literacy of
Teachers - A Study of Training Needs across Europe
/ Karin Vogt (3208 KB)
Lunch break, posters
14.00 - 15.30 Annual General Meeting
15.30 - 16.00 Coffee break and posters
  Poster: Quality control procedures to ensure construct validity in PTE Academic / Veronica Benigno, Kasia Wojciechowska, John de Jong (2705 KB)
Poster: Taking the sociopragmatic bull by the interlocutor's horns: predicting reactions to speech act discourse / Sara Gesuato (578 KB)
Poster: Exploring Construct Equivalence of SAQ and MCQ Items Using IRT - How Uniformly Do Different Item Types Measure Reading Comprehension among 6th Graders Learning French? / Peter Lenz, Malgorzata Barras, Katharina Karges (1008 KB)
Poster: Learning-oriented feedback for the development and assessment of interactional competence / Fumiyo Nakatsuhara, Lyn May, Daniel Lam, Evelina Galaczi
Poster: Ensuring standard testing practices in a multilevel multicourse language foundation program / Yevgeniya Pronoza (555 KB)
Poster: Supporting language learning and mobility: Research-based test revisions / Ivana Vidakovic, Mark Elliott (565 KB)
  Parallel papers session on a general strand
Chair : Peter Lenz
Parallel papers session on a general strand
Chair : Slobodanka Dimova
Parallel papers session on the theme
Chair : Cristina Pérez
16.00 - 16.30 Facilitating the interpretation of language proficiency
scores: Combining scale anchoring and test score mapping methodologies
/ Spiros Papageorgiou,
Donald Powers, Mary Schedl
(653 KB)
A Computational Linguistic Analysis of the Development of L2 Writing Proficiency: Evidence from EFL Young Learners’ Written Essays / Jenny Liontou, Dina Tsagari (794 KB) The onSET for Refugees: Design and Implementation of an Online Placement Test for Immigration Purpose / Hannah Lepping, Thomas Eckes (1760 KB)
16.35 - 17.05 Developing a multimethod design for carrying out
comparability studies of tests aligned with the CEFR
/ Jamie Dunlea, Richard Spiby, Quynh Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Yen Thi Quynh Nguyen (1076 KB)
Developing a level-specific checklist for assessing writing / Zoltán Lukácsi (256 KB) English language testing in a non-English speaking context: the Interuniversity Test of Academic English / Frank van Splunder, Catherine Verguts (1334 KB)
17.10 - 17.40 CELU Language and Use Certification: Assessing writing skills through integrated tasks / Miranda Trincheri, Ana Laura Brown (1810 KB)    


Saturday, 3rd June

9.30 - 10.30 Keynote presentation: Piet Van Avermaet
Do European integration policies reproduce social-inequality? (805 KB)
Coffee break, posters
Plenary papers session on the theme
11.00 - 11.30 Predicting Placement Accuracy and Language Outcomes in Immigrants’ L2 Finnish Education / Ari Huhta, Taina Tammelin-Laine, Sari Ohranen, Tuija Hirvelä (894 KB)
11.30 - 12.00 Assessing mono- and bilingual preschoolers’ lexical knowledge of academic domains / Astrid Jurecka, Melihan Cinar, Ilonca Hardy (1192 KB)
12.00 - 12.30 Language tests as a catalyst for academic socialization, and other illusions / Bart Deygers (1482 KB)
12.30 Closing ceremony



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