The thirteenth Annual Conference of EALTA, Valencia, Spain
5th - 8th of May, 2016


Pre-conference SIG meetings


Assessing Speaking

AS SIG 2016 Programme (PDF 399 KB)

Kathrin Eberharter, Nivja de Jong, Benjamin Kremmel, Carol Spöttl: Speaking assessment practices across Europe and beyond - preliminary survey results

Raili Hildén, Mikko Kurimo, Martti Vainio: Digital test of oral proficiency for large-scale use - starting from pronunciation

Nahal Khabbazbashi, Evelina Galaczi: Technology and the ‘what’ of auto-marked speaking tests

Armin Berger: Assessing academic speaking skills – rating scales as the de facto test construct

Margit Hesselager: Teacher Talk: Assessing Speaking in Tertiary Education

Anita Hegedűs: The Construct of Speaking Ability in a Bilingual English for Medical Purposes Exam


Assessment of Writing and Assessment for Academic Purposes

WRAP SIG 2016 Programme (PDF 906 KB)

Laura Ballard: Computerized writing assessment and computer proficiency: Are students ready (PDF 893 KB)

Ebtesem Abdulhaleem: We have standardised, let's do no more (PDF 1,3 MT)

Paul Sansom: Development of an integrated exit test for pre-sessional programmes: exploring the validity of a reading-to-write test (PDF 373 KB)

Zeynep Akşit: Defining reading in an academic context for assessment purposes (1,3 MB)

Lut Baten: Assessment for capacity building of English for Science and technology: A case in Cuba

Daniel Waller, Tania Horák, Elena Gandini: Producing evidence-based criteria for writing assessment (PDF 488 KB)

Aylin Unaldi: Issues in writing scale validation(PDF 693 KB)


Classroom-based Language Assessment

CBLA SIG 2016 Programme (510 KB)

Claudia Mewald, Sabine Wallner: Assessing young learners’ foreign language in the classroom (PDF 764 KB)

Atta Gebril: Language Teachers’ Assessment Beliefs: Voices From The Field (PDF 524 KB)

Hossein Farhady, Merve Selçuk: Classroom-based Diagnostic Assessment Practices of EFL Instructors (PDF 337 KB)

Sabrina Machetti, Paola Masillo: A survey on the Italian language development in foreign young learners (463 KB)

Carolyn Westbrook: Bridging the gap between classroom-based language assessment and the Russian National State Exam (939 KB)

Judith Sebastiani: Diagnostic competence and teacher attitudes towards external assessment (558 KB)

Doris Froetscher: A national exam’s washback on classroom testing: teachers’ voices (608 KB)

Trisevgeni Liontou: The Impact of Self-Assessment Techniques on Young EFL learners’ Writing Competence: An Experimental Approach (568 KB)


Common European Framework of Reference

CEFR SIG 2016 Programme (PDF 337 KB)

Glyn Jones: Replicating the original CEFR calibration study: the story so far

Zoltán Lukácsi: Lost in translation: a local interpretation of mediation

John de Jong: Extending and complementing the CEFR

Joaquín M. Cruz: Rubrik®: Using CEFR related rubrics through smartphones and tablets

Cristina Pérez-Guillot: Training in the use of the CEFR Manual: Some challenges

Kathryn Brennan: Behind the Times - is the CEFR old-fashioned? A review of the Manual in its contemporary context

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