The twelfth Annual Conference of EALTA, Copenhagen, Denmark
28th - 31st of May, 2015


Pre-conference SIG meetings


Classroom Based Language Assessment

CBLA SIG 2015 Programme (PDF 181 KB)

Olga Kvasova: A Pilot Module on Training University Teachers in Constructing Classroom Reading Test Tasks (1,1 MB)

Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam: A study of the washback effects of a Theme-Based Language Proficiency Test on teaching and learning English at tertiary level in Turkey (1,0 MB)

Raphaëlle Beecroft & Karin Vogt: Improvisation theatre task cycles for formative and summative assessment (502 KB)

Ana Maria Ducasse: Engaging with Spanish L2: self-evaluation in higher education (1,2 MB)

Monique Yoder: Can Formative Assessment of Vocabulary at the Prose Level Strengthen Learners’ Self-editing of Academic Essays? (303 KB)

Lucilla Lopriore: Balancing assessment theory and practice in the CLIL classroom (988 KB)

Dina Tsagari & Trisevgeni Liontou: Integrating Corpus Linguistics & Classroom-based Assessment: Evidence from Young Learners’ Written Corpora (302 KB)


Assessment of Writing and Assessment for Academic Purposes

WRAP SIG 2015 Programme (PDF 449 KB)

Nukte Durham: A comparative study of an EAP instructor’s and a subject specialist’s understanding and use of writing assessment criteria (162 KB)

Richard Spiby: Reading style and substance: a comparison of test-taker performance and strategies in tests of expeditious and careful reading (684 KB)

Gulay Yigit: Constructing Writing Rating Scales in Relation to the CEFR

Ghulam Khushik: Exploring the Linguistic Basis of the Common European Framework (541 KB)

Cristina Perez-Guillot & Asunción Jaime: An effective rating system for the assessment of writing (355 KB)

Linda Nepivodová: Are Students and Teachers Ready for Computer-based Language Exams? A Comparison of Test Mode Delivery



CEFR SIG 2015 Programme (PDF 198 KB)

Marita Härmälä: How can the CEFR function as a versatile tool in language assessment? A case study of Finland. (657 KB)

Dana Alhaeedi: The CEFR as a benchmarking tool in making the EFSET Test (305 KB)

Bart Deygers and Cecilie Carlsen: The CEFR and university entrance tests – a state of affairs in Europe(833 KB)

David Little: Using the CEFR to develop curriculum guidelines for primary-level learners of English as an additional language in Ireland. (80 KB)

Kathryn Brenan: Making the most of the CEFR in the United Kingdom and beyond Europe (UAE) (584 KB)

Angela Hasselgreen: Young Learners and the CEFR - how high is the ceiling? (528 KB)

Paola Masillo: Relating language tests to the CEFR: the case of Italian proficiency tests for migrants (433 KB)

Eli Moe and Marita Härmälä: The CEFR and content learning (106 KB)

Yang Lu: CEFR applied for benchmarking Chinese language programmes and proficiency test. (847 KB)

Astrid Reich and Anna Timukova: Taking the CEFR seriously. Examining performance and linguistic features in written texts across languages and verifying linking claims in a local context. (495 KB)

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