The eleventh Annual Conference of EALTA, Warwick, United Kingdom
29th of May to 1st of June, 2014


Pre-conference Workshop


Workshop 1

Scott Crossley, Danielle McNamara

Using automated programmes & approaches for test development or assessing productive skills


Workshop 2

Chihiro Inoue, Sathena Chan, Carolyn Westbrook

Test Item Analysis for Teachers: Applying Classical Test Theory using Excel


Workshop 3

Claudia Borghetti, Jan Van Maele

Assessment of Intercultural Communicative Competencies

Slides day 1 (PDF 188 KB)

Slides day 2/3 (PDF 2.2 MB)

References (PDF 324 KB)


Workshop 4

Carol Spoettl, Nivja De Jong, Jayanti Banerjee

Good Practice in Assessing Speaking

Session 1 (PDF 3 MB)

Session 2 (PDF 473 KB)

Session 3 (PDF 1 MB)

Session 4 (PDF 493 KB)

Workshop Schedule (PDF 154 KB)

Bibliography (PDF 169 KB)

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