The Ninth Annual Conference of EALTA, Innsbruck, Austria
31st of May to 3rd of June, 2012


Pre-conference SIG meetings


Classroom Based Language Assessment

Dina Tsagari


Frances Mc Donald - Investigating listening competences in mixed-ability classes (PDF 3,6 MB)

Tony Green - Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English (PDF 1,8 MB)

Lamprini Loumbourdi - Examining the effects of using task-based classroom assessment in Germany (PDF 3,8 MB)

Sabrina Machetti - Linguistic and Communicative Competence Traits and CBLA - The Case of Italy (PDF 200 kB)

Sehnaz Sahinkarakas, Qatip Arifi - Role of Culture & Experience on Teachers' Assessment Conceptions (PDF 5,2 MB)


Assessing Writing and Academic Purposes (joint event)

Peter Holt


Carolyn Westbrook, Peter Holt - Addressing the Problem of ‘Excessive Assistance’ in Assessed Academic Writing (PDF 595 kB)

Anika Müller, Sonja Zimmermann - Is there academic writing without reading? - Results from a needs analysis (PDF 275 kB)


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