The Third Annual Conference of EALTA, Krakow, Poland, 19th - 21st May, 2006

EALTA Conference 2006 Photo Gallery

The following EALTA members have kindly contributed photos to this section. Photos may be downloaded and printed for private use without permission.


Jayanti Banerjee

Gudrun Erickson

Hildegunn Helness

János Együd

Dina Tsagari

Edit Nagy

Eli Moe

Clinton Rae

Emily Rosales

Lisbeth E. Salomonsen

Catalina Harabagiu-Dimitrescu

Lower resolution photographs for viewing on screen - click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. To print a high quality version of any photo see the links below for higher resolution photographs.

Higher resolution photographs for downloading and printing. The file size of these photographs is up to 2MB so downloading may be slow, particularly with a modem link.


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